Ryan is the only candidate in this race, and one of the very few in the entire state, that has been endorsed by BOTH the Missouri Chamber of Commerce AND the Missouri AFL-CIO. Furthermore, he has been endorsed locally by BOTH the KC Chamber of Commerce BIzPAC in partnership with the KC Civic Council AND the Greater KC AFL-CIO.

This is how Building Consensus is done! While Ryan believes there are times these entities must be on opposite sides and fight over issues, he also believes that while people are fighting over a few issues, it shouldn’t stop all progress on the issues that everyone can agree on.

Here is a more comprehensive list of Endorsements and Awards that Ryan has received:

  • Missouri Chamber of Commerce
  • Missouri AFL-CIO
  • Greater Kansas City Chamber of Commerce BizPAC, in Partnership with the KC Civic Council
  • Greater KC AFL-CIO
  • Missouri State Council of Firefighters
  • Missouri Fraternal Order of Police
  • Taxpayers Unlimited
  • Numerous individual Local Unions
  • Former Governor & U.S. Senator Christopher S. “Kit” Bond
  • Former U.S. Senator Jack Danforth
  • Speaker of the Missouri House Steven Tilley
  • Speaker-Elect of the Missouri House Tim Jones
  • MO Senate Majority Leader Tom Dempsey
  • State Senator Luann Ridgeway
  • State Representative Jerry Nolte
  • State Representative Myron Neth
  • State Representative T.J. Berry
  • Former State Representative Tim Flook
  • Clay County Presiding Commissioner Pam Mason
  • Clay County Collector Lydia McEvoy
  • Clay County Recorder of Deeds Jay Lawson
  • Clay County Clerk Sheri Chapman
  • Kansas City Mayor Sly James

These are some of the awards that Ryan has received during his years of service in the Missouri House:

  • Friend of Ratepayers Award, Fair Energy Rate Action Fund, 2012
  • Associated Students of University of Missouri Legislator of the Year Award, 2012
  • MO Federation Grand Order of Pachyderms Outstanding Legislative Award, 2012
  • MO Primary Care Association – Champion of Community Health Centers Award, 2011
  • Judicial Conference Legislator of the Year, 2011
  • Partnership for Children – 2011 Children’s Champion
  • University of MO Graduate Professional Council Appreciation, 2011
  • MO Association of Realtors Certification of Recognition, 2011
  • Americans United for Life Certificate of Appreciation, 2011
  • Missouri Association Rehabilitation Facilities Legislative Award, 2011
  • Northland Coalition Outstanding Legislator Award, 2011
  • MO Dental Association Legislative Excellence Award, 2011
  • MO Community College Association Distinguished Legislator Award, 2011
  • Tri County Mental Health Services Outstanding Public Official, 2011
  • Northland Coalition Legislative Award, 2010
  • The Missouri Association of Realtors Certificate of Appreciation, 2010
  • MO Library Assoc. – Francis Bud Barnes Outstanding Legislator Award, 2010
  • Missouri Association of Sheltered Workshop Managers Award, 2010
  • Partnership for Children Legislator of the Year, 2010
  • Missouri Bar Award, 2009
  • Vocational Services, Inc Legislator of the Year Award, 2009
  • Missouri State Council of Firefighters First Responders Award, 2009
  • Vocational Services, Inc Legislator of the Year Award, 2008
  • MO Biotechnology Association Honorary Doctor of Public Policy, 2007
  • National Multiple Sclerosis Society – Committed Statesperson Award, 2007

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